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Password Policy

"On opening a trading account Company will inform the login id / (Telephone Identification Number (TIN) to the client through email. Simultaneously, the Company will generate TPIN (Telephone Personal Identification Number) for call and trade over phone and 2 passwords for the trading platform on the internet. TPIN and Passwords are transmitted to the Clients through secured mode. Trading account will be activated only after the Client confirming to the Company about the receipt of the password over the toll free number.

First password is the “login password” and second password is the “trade password”. While logging into the system, Client has to enter both the passwords at the respective windows. Both the passwords are of minimum 8 characters and are alpha neumeric. While logging into the system for the first time, the system will ask for the change of login password. Login password has to be changed every 90 days as per the Regulatory requirements. The system will display the pending days for expiry of the password with the welcome and login message. A window with the nomenclature “Change password” has been provided in the trading page to enable the clients to change the passwords. The login password will expire on the 90th day of the last change / first login. One Grace login is provided to the client to login into the system with the same password after the 90th day.

The client’s password may be blocked / locked under two circumstances viz. account remaining inactive for more than 6 months or password being punched erroneously 3 times. In such eventuality the client has to request the Company in writing for resetting / fresh password. The same will be generated by the system and transmitted to the Client in a secured mode"