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At present CBSL offers following products through its portal www.canmoney.in . There are 3 products in the cash segment viz. CNC, IDT and BITSOT. In the derivative segment CBSL offers trading in FNO segment and Currency Derivative segment of NSE. Besides online trading products, CBSL also provides Online subscription facility to the IPOs and Mutual Fund Schemes. Products features detailed below and FAQs will enable the readers to have a clear idea about the products / operations.

  • Cash & Carry (CNC) (Delivery)
  • Intra Day trading (IDT)
  • Buy In Today Sell out Tomorrow (BITSOT)
  • Futures and Options (F&O)
  • Currency Futures (CDS)
  • Online Subscription to Mutual Fund Schemes.
  • Online Subscription to IPOs
Cash & Carry (CNC) (Delivery)

Simple cash and Carry product, where in the user will be allowed to Buy a stock only against available cash. The user will be allowed to sell a stock only if the user has marked a hold from his Demat account.

Intra Day trading (IDT)

This product will work on the principle of allowing the customer to Buy or Sell against the available margin (exposure). The margin is calculated based upon a multiplier assigned to the client by CBSL. At the end of each trading session / day, all the outstanding positions will be squared off. The square off will be triggered on time-based call, which will be set globally in the surveillance of the system.

To view list of eligible scrips for IDT Click Here

Buy In Today Sell out Tomorrow (BITSOT)

BITSOT is a facility wherein the customer is able to sell the shares that he has purchased even before he receives the delivery of the shares from the Exchange. He will not have to wait till the time he receives the delivery from the Exchange thus increasing his liquidity. Sale in BITSOT is permitted only on T+1 day (FOR NET BUY POSITION OF PREVIOUS DAY and not on T+2 i.e. pay-in/pay-out date of the Exchange). In other words, BITSOT shall be permitted only up to The day prior to the scheduled payout of shares from the Exchange.

Futures and Options (F&O)

Online trading in F & O made easy against adequate deposit of funds.

Currency Futures And Options (CDS)

Online Trading in Currency Futures and Options, a Standardised Currency Derivative product is offered to all the registered clients.

Online Subscription to MF Schemes

CBSL offers Online subscription to the clients in various schemes of Mutual Funds. The facilities like purchase, additional purchase, redeem, SIP/SWP, Switch is offered online.

Online Subscription to IPOs

CBSL ties up with various Lead Managers to offer Online subscription to Initial Public Offers (IPO) coming to the market. As the facility is offered online, clients need not undergo the paper work involved in applying for the IPOs.

After Market Orders (AMO)

AMO: After Market Orders (AMO) can be placed online by the clients post market closure after the day end process is completed. Such orders are to be limit orders and to be placed after allocating the fund / scrips in favour of the Company.

The Company's day end process will be carried out during 6.00 p.m. to 8 p.m. every day. AMOs will be queuing up in to the Exchange Order system at the start of the next trading session. In case of insufficiency of funds / free stock, the orders will not be forwarded to the Exchange. The success / failure of the order will be notified to the clients only on the next day after commencement of trading hours.



Please choose one from three options given below:

Option 1
Transaction Type Rate
Non Delivery (Cash Segment) 0.05%
Delivery 0.35%
FNO 0.10%
Option 2
Standard Silver Gold Platinum
Brokerage payable upfront Rs.299/- Rs.499/- Rs.999/- Rs.3999/-
Transaction type:
Non Delivery (Cash Seg.) 0.035% 0.03% 0.025% 0.02%
Delivery 0.30% 0.25% 0.20% 0.16%
FNO 0.07% 0.06% 0.05% 0.04%
Option 3
Daily Turnover below Rs. 5.00 lacs 0.25%
Daily Turnover of above Rs. 5.00 lacs but less than Rs. 20.00 Lacs 0.15%
Daily Turnover of above Rs. 20.00 lacs but less than Rs. 50.00 Lacs 0.10%
Daily Turnover of Rs. 50.00 lacs and above 0.07%
Derivative Options
Rs.50 per Lot on single side i.e. positions squared off on same day, and both sides for carry forward positions
Currency Derivatives (CDs)
For Currency Future, brokerage is Rs. 15 /= per lot, levied on each trade leg. For Currency Option, brokerage is Rs. 5 /= per lot, levied on each trade leg.
Brokerage for Penny stocks
For penny stocks (where sale/purchase value of the share is Rs 10/- or less), applicable brokerage shall be 1 paise per share irrespective of brokerage plan opted by the client.

For transaction value upto Rs.5715/- under delivery basis and upto Rs.40,000/- under non delivery basis,Brokerage shall be lower of Rs. 20 or maximum permissible brokerage as per the rules/regulations of stock Exchanges/SEBI per segment per exchange.The brokerage plan mentioned above in Tariff Sheet is applicable to transaction value exceeding Rs. 5715/- under delivery basis and Rs. 40000/- under non delivery basis.


Consolidated charges - Rs.600/- to be paid at the time of opening the account. (All-inclusive i.e. charges towards BSE agreement, NSE agreement, DP agreement, Power of Attorney and other expenses).

  • Client to indicate option selected in the 3 in 1 application form. However, if no option is exercised by the client, brokerage will be charged as per Option 1, by default.
  • Clients opting for Upfront brokerage have to necessarily remit applicable brokerage at the beginning of each month. By opting any of the scheme under this option client authorizes the Company to debit his account for the monthly upfront brokerage payable under respective scheme.
  • At the end of the validity period i.e. 1 month, minimum of the actual brokerage amount collected during the month or the upfront brokerage collected shall be refunded to the client.
  • For Delivery and Non Delivery transactions under NBO & UBO, brokerage shall be charged on both sides i.e. on purchase and sale side.
  • Under Turnover Based Brokerage Option (TBO), (option 3 above) Brokerage rate will be same for both delivery and non delivery transactions and the brokerage will be charged on both sides for Delivery & non delivery transactions.
  • Under TBO delivery and non delivery transactions will be clubbed together to determine the turnover per day. Further, the turnover (both buy & sell) is reckoned segment wise, Exchange wise.
  • Minimum brokerage per transaction day per segment, exchange wise shall be Rs.20/-.
  • Minimum brokerage for ‘Option’ transactions made under F & O segment shall be Rs.50/- per lot or the actual brokerage as per the applicable rate furnished above. Further for F & O transactions, brokerage will be applied on single side i.e. sale side as furnished above, where the trades are squared off on the same day. For open positions carried forward, brokerage will be charged as stipulated above, on both sides i.e. buy and sell side.
  • Special Brokerage scheme for Active Option Traders Cost to clients opting for this scheme:- A flat Brokerage at Rs.10/- per lot per leg of trade plus Rs.500/- per traded day towards software charges Higher the lots traded per day, lower the effective cost per lot of option
  • For Currency Future transactions brokerage shall be charged at a flat rate of Rs.15/- per lot. Brokerage shall be charged on both legs of the trade
  • Processing charges for change of Option / Scheme for brokerage shall be Rs.100 per request.
  • ‘Month’ in the context of brokerage options/schemes shall refer to ‘calendar month’. Part of a month shall be treated as a month.
  • GST as applicable from time to time shall also be levied. ( Current applicable rate 18% GST ).
  • All statutory levies like stamp duty, securities transaction tax, exchange turnover tax, SEBI turnover fees etc., shall be charged on actual basis.
Salient features of the Scheme:
  • The actual brokerage expended (excluding statutory / applicable levies) by the client in the first 3 months from the date of opening the account or Rs.600/- whichever is lower will be reimbursed to the client.
  • Client should trade on 5 days during the first three months from the date of opening the account.
  • A onetime refund will be made to all the eligible accounts as at the end of calendar quarter.
  • Clients who have paid the application money are only eligible for refund under the scheme.
  • Applicable DP charges shall be recovered by the Bank from the clients.
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