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You can view various company's IPO Closed Issue Details.

Company NameIssue TypeOffer Price ( ₹ )Issue OpenIssue CloseIssue Size ( ₹ in Lakhs)List Price (BSE(₹))List Price (NSE(₹))
Bonlon Industries Public Issue 28.0030/06/202003/07/20201,051.680.00--
Ksolves India Public Issue 100.0023/06/202026/06/2020402.00--0.00
Billwin Industries L Public Issue 37.0018/06/202022/06/2020246.420.00--
Nirmitee Robotics Public Issue 185.0031/03/202009/04/2020324.120.00--
DJ Mediaprint & Logi Public Issue 20.0026/03/202031/03/2020240.0020.60--
Laxmi Goldorna House Public Issue 15.0020/03/202026/03/2020828.00--15.00
Cospower Engineering Public Issue 51.0017/03/202019/03/2020204.000.00--
RO Jewels Public Issue 36.0012/03/202017/03/2020491.400.00--
Antony Waste Handlin Public Cum O...300.0004/03/202006/03/202020,600.00----
SBI Cards and Pay Public Cum O...755.0002/03/202005/03/20201,035,477.32658.00661.00
SM Auto Stamping Public Issue 18.0003/03/202005/03/2020691.2018.00--
ICL Organic Dairy Public Issue 20.0031/01/202007/02/2020408.000.00--
Chandra Bhagat Pharm Public Issue 51.0031/01/202006/02/20201,020.000.00--
Janus Corporation Public Issue 50.0027/01/202030/01/2020799.5050.70--
Madhav Copper FPO - Book B...102.0027/01/202030/01/20203,114.26--90.50
Tranway Technologies Public Issue 10.0027/01/202029/01/2020424.0011.10--
ITI FPO - Book B...77.0024/01/202028/01/2020138,600.0075.00102.50
Hindprakash Industri Public Issue 40.0015/01/202017/01/20201,152.00--0.00
Gian Life Care Public Issue 22.0031/12/201903/01/2020311.5222.00--
Vaxtex Cotfab Public Issue 24.0027/12/201903/01/2020383.04--24.10
Valencia Nutrition L Public Cum O...46.0023/12/201927/12/2019723.1246.45--
Prince Pipes & Fitti Public Cum O...178.0018/12/201920/12/201950,000.00160.00160.00

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